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Welcome to our career page!

We are pleased that you are interested in a position and cooperation in our company. So that your application leads to success and we can ideally welcome you as a new employee soon, we would like to give you a few tips and hints for orientation in the following.



1. Application documents


2. Interview

In order to give us a first impression of your career and qualifications, we would like to ask you for the following documents:


  • Letter of motivation: a brief description of why you are applying
  • Curriculum vitae: an overview of your training and work stations
  • Reference: Performance appraisals of your previous workplaces
  • evidence of education and/or university degree



As soon as we have received all the necessary documents from you, we will move on to the next round.


  • Review of your application documents by the hotel manager
  • If applicable, telephone interview with the hotel manager
  • First job interview
  • Trial work possible
  • If necessary, second interview for management positions
  • Final decision


3. Contract or cancellation


4. Notice for applicants outside the European Union and the Schengen area

The HR team and the responsible hotel managers pursue the goal of designing the application process as quickly as possible. On average, two weeks elapse between the sending of your application documents and the offer of a contract or possible rejection, and very often less.


If you are not an EU citizen or a citizen of one of the countries of the Schengen area, proof of a residence and work permit is required.

In the best case, you will already provide proof of your residence and work permit when you send your application.

Start and development

Foremost Hospitality offers a wide range of entry opportunities. From training to entry-level and specialist positions to managing a hotel, all doors are open to you for further development. Thanks to our Foremost network of 21 hotels, you can get to know various cities and hotel brands.



Training in hotel management: 3-years training as a hotel specialist, IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) qualification
Dual studies: 3- to 3.5-years dual studies, hotel and/or tourism management, Bachelor's degree
Internship: For pupils and students, as compulsory or voluntary company internship for orientation purposes
Management Trainee: Duration 12 months, followed by training or studies
Trainee Fast Tracker: Duration 12 months, explicitly for career changers in the hotel business
Individual development opportunities: We recognize your potential and give you the opportunity to take the next step in your career.
Further training measures: We make it available to you for your way on the career ladder.
Participation in regular training directly at the hotel: For us and you, this is the basis for successful cooperation at Foremost.




Our Employees

Our employees are our most valuable asset. One of the main factors of our success is the work and quality of our employees.


Phil, Dual Student

"The dual studies at the hotel surprised me positively throughout. I got to know all areas of the hotel in a short time. This way, what I learned can be applied quickly and theory can be transferred perfectly."


Laura, Dual Student

"The dual studies in the hotel means for me to gain experience in the hotel industry. Working in the hotel on a weekly basis makes it easy to combine the theoretical and practical knowledge of the studies."


Stefanie, Management Trainee

"During my time as a management trainee, I have become intensively acquainted with the many different sides of the hotel and have thus been able to acquire a comprehensive range of knowledge and skills. For me, it is the ideal opportunity to qualify for a managerial position in the hotel with commitment."


Anamika, Breakfast Greeter

"As a Breakfast Greeter it is very important to be the face in the restaurant and to be the first one the guests see in the morning. A good day starts with a good breakfast and a friendly welcome. I am happy to fulfill wishes for the guests, even if the guests are in a bad mood. What can I do to make the guest happy? Take the extra step! My day is good when the guest leaves the restaurant happy with a smile and comes back soon. See you soon again ..."


Andra, Guest Service Assistant

"I work at Foremost Hospitality because I enjoy dealing with people and can therefore combine my passion and profession in the best possible way. In addition, Foremost Hospitality as an employer offers me the opportunity to develop professionally and personally.



Profit from various benefits

  • Up to 30 day vacation depending on company affiliation
  • Financial support for public transport
  • Bonus for the recommendation and recruitment of new employees
  • Bonus as employee of the month
  • Favourable hotel conditions within the Foremost Group as well as from our franchise partners



Team Human Resources

Head of Human Resources: Birgit Ewald
Senior Human Resources Manager: Stefanie Petatz
Student Human Resources: Marcel Lange